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Welcome to the online portal for applying to and preparing for
Notre Dame International Study Abroad Programs




If you HAVE NOT yet applied to any study abroad programs (Outgoing, Incoming, or 
American Short-Term programs), you will NOT be able to login to this portal. You must 
have applied to at least one program in order to login using the LOGIN link above.

If you want to apply to a Study Abroad program, you will need to start your application
by clicking the appropriate link below:

Outgoing (Studying away from the Notre Dame campus) 
Incoming (Studying at the Notre Dame campus) 
Global Engagement Summer Programs (International students applying to a Short-term 
summer program at Notre Dame)

To search for all OutgoingIncoming, or American Short-Term programs offered by 
Notre Dame International, click here.
ND Faculty/Staff - Approvals and References: 

If you need to complete an approval or reference for a student's study abroad application, 
click on the LOGIN link found on the far right of the top menu bar. Once logged in, you should
be automatically taken to your Pending Approval/Reference requests. If you are NOT taken
to this page, click on the house symbol on the left of the top menu bar and choose the
Recommenders option.

From the LOGIN page:

Notre Dame Students, Faculty, and Staff: 
ALWAYS use the "Notre Dame User Login" button to login with your ND campus credentials.

Non-Notre Dame Applicants: 
ALWAYS use the "Non-Notre Dame User Login" button to login using your email address as the 
username and the password you previously created.